Big News!

I have been invited to be a part of the interactive reading sessions along with some great authors at the 2018 Bocas Lit Fest. Take a look here to find out more. And be sure to attend the various session to support some great authors.



I’m so excited to let you know that two of my books Don’t Go Mango Picking and Totem rebirth has been nominated for the T&T Peoples Choice Book Of the Year. If you haven’t already voted please use the instructions below and vote for me!

1. Choose any of the: Click to vote for your top 6 links.
2. Scroll down and select each of my books. Mango Picking and Totem Rebirth (Turns blue when selected. Note you can only vote once so you must select both books at the same time.)
3. Scroll to the bottom and click enter top 6.

SN: you don’t have to choose 6 books you can vote for my books only if you don’t know the other books


Newspaper Splash!

Newspaper Splash


Don’t Go Mango Picking was featured in my local newspaper and this is the snippet.






Giveaway Time!

It’s Summer Time and all the Fireflies are out. Especially Danny because I’m having a giveaway just for him. Step up, Try your luck, click that bouncing box! 😊


DHG Kids in collaboration with Pixels Design Institute will be hosting a Storytime workshop for ages 8-10.
This 3-hour workshop is designed to teach children the ins and out of storytelling while engaging their imagination and creativity with an end result of producing their own book. Whether your child already has a colorful imagination or the potential to be colorful this workshop is a perfect foundation to get the ribbons of creativity flowing.

Interested? Register here.



I’m Going on Tour!

Join me as I tour a few of Trinidad’s local libraries to launch my upcoming book Don’t Go Mango picking.